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  1. Don't play too many starting hands. Human nature forces many players to play too many starting hands when they don't have good cards. Be patient even if you are a bit bored. Avoid saying "I came here to play poker, not to watch".

  2. Play less skillful openents. Your winnings will depend on luck and the skill of the other players. I can't help you with the luck, but your odds of winning will be better playing against worse players. You may want to try a lower stake game.

  3. Watch your oponents. Get to know your oponents betting habits or tells. Get into the habit of watching them carefully when you have folded your hand. Another good way to watch the other players would be to wait to look at your cards until it is your turn to act. Ensure that you are sure of yourself before using this strategy.

  4. Ensure that you play at limits that are within your bankroll. Even if you are a great player and have the advantage over most opponents, be wary of the fluctuations or risk going broke. You will have losing streaks so be ready for them.



Online Poker Tips

  1. Play at a reputable poker room. Look for internet sites that have good reputations, provide timely payment, and a history of treating their players fairly.

  2. Keep track your deposits and withdrawals. Occsionally, I have had to email the casino to ensure I get paid within a reasonable timeframe.


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