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A poker tell is is anything readable that gives opposing players information about the strength of you hand. A tell may include a player's action, behavior, physical reaction,habits and of body language. Poker is not just about playing your own cards. To be a consistent winner, you have to form a reliable judgment of what the other players have.

Top Poker Tells

Your Own Corrective Measures
Anxiety Level
  • increase in heart rate
  • eye pupil dilation
  • trembling hands
  • dry throat
  • breathing 
  • vein in their neck

Don't play at table stakes that are above your bankroll


  • A player's eyes may widen when they have a good hand.
  • A player may look at nice hole cards longer than bad hole cards.
Wear sun glasses, wear hat
Facial Expressions
  • facial expressions
  • facial ticks
  • happiness
  • sadness
  • nervousness - a sign of a weak hand
Wear hat, look down at the table
Glancing at Chips
  • A player may unconsciously look at his chips when he has hits his cards (on the flop or after).
Body Language
  • A player may slump when they have a weak hand (not confident)
  • A player may be erect position when he has a strong hand (confident). 
Playing / Betting Habits
  • A player may repeat a betting style during similar situation. In the worst case, other players will be able to characterize the betting style of the player.


* Be conscious of your habits and body language and try to identify your possible tells. Have a friend observe your play. Once you have identified your giveaways, try switching or reversing your "giveaways".




This list of tells is by no means comprehensive. If you have a favorite tell to add to our list please send it to us. Thanks.




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