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General Poker Rules

In most games you are dealt cards from the deck of 52 cards. The number of cards and the rules depends on the game played. Poker can be divided into community card games like Texas Holdem, draw games and stud games.

The ace can also be used as an Ace or as a One (1).


Poker Rankings

1. Royal Flush AKQJT suited
2. Straight Flush 34567 suited
3. Four of a Kind QQQQ5
4. Full House JJJ99
5. Flush JQ469 suited
6. Straight 56789
7. Three of a Kind QQQ49
8. Two Pairs KK774
9. One Pair JJ573
10. High Card QJ642

The glossary has definitions of the above hands.


Poker Tie Breakers

Winning Hand
Pair The high pair wins. If both players have the same pair cards, the next best (high) card wins and so on. AAQ94 beats AAQ92
2 pair The person with the high top pair wins. 8855Q beats 7766K
3 of a kind The high ranking 3 of a kind wins. 99922 beats 555AA
Straight The straight with the high ranking card wins. 56789 beats 34567
Flush The flush with the high ranking single card wins QJ957 beats 96782
Full House The high ranking three cards wins. QQQ77 beats 99944
Four of a kind The high ranking four cards wins. QQQQ7 beats 99994
Straight flush The straight flush with the high ranking card wins. 56789 beats 34567
Royal flush The pot is split.  


Pots are split whenever the above tie-breakers do not resolve the ties.



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