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Odds The likelihood that a specific event will occur.
Omaha A game where players are dealt 4 cards face down. The players must use two of the four cards and two from community cards.
Omaha Hi-Lo Variation of Omaha where there is a winner for the best high hand and one for the best low hand.
Opener The player who made the first voluntary bet.
Openers A hand with which the betting can be started . Openers applies to games that require a minimum card rank to start the betting.
Overpair In Hold'em, a pocket pair that is higher than any card on the board (e.g. you have pocket Jacks and the flop is 986).
Outs Cards that can improve your hand. For example, if you have 4 diamonds to a flush there are 9 diamonds (13-4) that can improve .
Outside Straight A hand that has four cards to a straight, where the one card you need to complete the straight is at the beginning or the end of the run.
Pair Two cards of the same rank.
Pat A poker term to describe a hand that does not need any draws. E.g. receiving a flush from the deal.
Pocket Pair In Texas Hold'em, a term describing a hand consisting of two hole cards of the same rank. A face down pair.
Quads Four of a kind.
Raise The act of increasing the amount of the prior wagers.
Rake The chips taken from the pot by the casino as compensation for hosting/dealing the game.
River In stud or hold'em, the final card dealt (face up card).
Royal Flush An ace high straight flush.
Small Blind In a game with multiple blind bets, the smallest blind. See Blind. A blind that is half the amount of the blind is called a half blind.
Split Pot A pot divided evenly between the winners when there is a tie.
Straight A hand with 5 cards that have consecutive ranks.
Straight Flush A hand with 5 cards that have consecutive ranks, all with same suit.
Stud Poker A game played with exposed cards (up cards) and with one or more concealed cards known as hole cards (down cards).
Table Stakes Rules in which the betting and raising is limited to the money a player has on the table in front of him/her.
Tell A tell is a term that describes anything readable about a player that give away information about the quality of their hand. Tells include a players actions, verbal behavior, expressions or body language.
Texas Hold'em Game where each player receives two cards (face down). Five communal cards are then dealt. Players must build their best five card hand from the seven cards.
Turn In Texas Hold 'Em, the sixth card dealt which is the fourth communal card.
Vigorish The amount taken by the house for running a game. See also Rake.
Wild Card A special card that can be labeled whatever suit and rank the possessor desires.


Poker Terms
A - B
Poker Terms
C - N
Poker Terms
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