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Online Poker Glossary C-N

Call To make a bet that matches the total of the amount bet.
Calling Station Term used to describe a player who will call often, even without appropriate cards. These players tend not to raise or bluff much. Also know as "Loose Passive"
Cards Speak A rule where the face value of a hand in a showdown is the true value of the hand, regardless of a player's verbal announcement. For example, a player can win even if he/she did not realize they had a flush.
Catching Cards Phrase to describe the receipt of favorable cards.
Check The action of passing without betting. You waive the right to initiate the betting in the round, but you retain the right to bet in the future.
Community Cards The cards that are dealt face-up in the middle of the table, to be used by all the players.
Cowboys Kings
Early Position

In a betting round, the positions where the players have to act first, before the other players have acted. Usually the first 2-3 positions, depending on number of players.

Face Cards Jacks, Queens or Kings. AKA Picture Cards.
Five Card Draw A game where each player receives 5 cards with the option to exchange up to 3 cards for new ones. There is one round of betting after the cards are dealt, and one round of betting after the players draw.
Five Card Stud A game where players receives 5 cards, the first is face down and the following 4 cards face up.
Flop In Texas Hold'em , the first three community cards that are dealt face-up all at once. The flop also refers to the second round of betting.
Flush Five cards that have the same suit. (e.g. 5 hearts)
Fold To throw in your hand, thus eliminating you from a chance of winning the pot.
Four of a Kind Four cards with the same rank.
Full House A hand with 3 cards of one rank & 2 cards of another rank. (e.g. 3 Queens, 2 tens)
Hold'Em see Texas Hold'em
Inside Straight A hand that has four cards to a straight, where the one card you need to complete the straight is in the middle of the run.
Kicker The highest unpaired card that helps determine the value of a five-card hand. For example, pair, Queen high. The Queen is the kicker.
Ladies Queens
Late Position

In a betting round, the positions where the players get to act last, after the other players have acted. Usually the last 2-3 positions, depending on number of players.

Middle Position The neutral positions that fall between the early positions and the late positions.
Nuts The best hand possible for that particular deal. A hand that cannot lose.


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