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Texas Hold’em Positions
Strategies for the Blind and the Button

Perception equals Texas Hold’em. The game is really a battle of who has the best perception among the players. Having a great hand, you can convince other players that you have nothing to be able to get more money from them, and if you really have nothing, you make them believe that you have the best hand. Also, the position you are occupying in a poker table is a big factor in your overall perception. Positions also determine whether you have a positive or a negative chance in winning a game. Before making a bet, always make sure to examine every factor around and analyze which is the most appropriate thing to do in order to win.

In-the-Blind Position

Being in the blinds, either small or big blinds, is considered to be out of position as it is considered to be the weakest position in a poker table, and the person who is in the blind makes the first move after the flop is shown. Thus, being the first to act, other players can have a very good strategy on how to deal with your actions specially the experienced ones.

But it is still possible to be in the advantage when in this position. Traditionally, this is considered as the weakest spot, but for some players, they think differently about these positions as they think that being the first to act after the flop is shown gives them the opportunity to bet, which is a good thing. For those aggressive players, this opportunity is for their advantage even though they might have missed the flop.

On-the-Button Position

On the button is a position many players would want to be. This is considered to be the most powerful and advantageous position in a poker table. In this position, the player who is on the button is the last person to act. Seeing how others would act before moving can be such an advantage because you get to make a decision on your succeeding moves.

This is also a good position to steal the blinds when everyone has folded, and the only players left are you and the blinds, big and small. Raising the bet can test the blinds to see how they would react. The main goal is to make those in the blinds fold without ever seeing the flop. Stealing the blinds with a good or even a bad hand is a very popular poker strategy.

Remember, Texas Hold’em is all about perception.


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