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Texas Hold'em Strategies
Pre-flop Starting Hands

The following Holdem strategy is a general guideline for playing your pre-flop Texas Holdem hands. These playing strategies are meant as a starting point and have been simplified to some extent. The factors that can affect your decision include table limits, pot odds, number of opponents and the type of players at the table.

Starting Hands

Starting Hand
My Goal
AA, KK   raise from all positions from all positions call a re-raise sometimes with KK fold re-raises in rare cases (e.g. KK in no limit game where a conservative player bets very aggressively)
QQ, JJ, AK   from all positions sometimes call raise sometimes fold re-raises in rare cases rare cases
TT, AQ, AJ, KQ, AK   from all positions rarely

call raise usually, call re-raise most of time

fold a re-raise sometimes
99, KT, QJ, KJ, AT, AQ   in mid to last positions rarely

call a raise sometimes (especially low dollar raises)

fold a raise most often
A8, KQ, 88, QT, A9, AT, AJ, JT   small raise sometimes   call small raises with small no of opponents

fold many raises, fold most re-raises

77, Q9, KJ, QJ, JT, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, J9, T9, K9, KT, QT   small raise sometimes from late positions   call small raises with small no of opponents sometimes fold most raises, fold almost all re-raises
66, J8, 98, T8, 55, J9, 43, 75, T9, 33, 98, 64, 22, K8, K7, K6, K5, K4, K3, K2, Q8, 44, 87, 97 stay around to see the flop     call sometimes from early positions, call most of the time from late positions (based on pot odds) fold most raises in early positions, fold some raise in late positions , fold all re-raises

   red indicates suited cards (e.g. Ace and Ten of hearts)

Print this strategy and place it beside you unti you get the hang of it, especially if you are playing an online game.


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